The Best Off-Campus Lunch Places


Madison Vuytecki

Cassidy Wallace and Ella Troiano at Moe's with their "Free Queso" shirts.

Anna Dunn and Kaia Patel

With those 54 minutes, there is no time to waste. The mad rush to your car and out of the parking lot already eats up a good portion of this time and you really can’t spare those extra minutes deciding where to go. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a list of the best off-campus lunch places, taking into account cost and proximity. You’re welcome.

  1. Tropical Smoothie Cafe: Picture this: someone finally lets you out of the crazy parking lot, you, speed to Trop, you park, and you walk up to the building only to see the line out the door and inhale the wafts of subpar food.  Trop is not “slept on” it’s just not that good. Every day it’s insanely busy and the food is just plain not worth it.  
  2. Chick-fil-a: This is near the bottom of the list because, in all honesty, it’s generic. It’s the option you and your friends pick when you don’t know where to go. And ok, that chicken sandwich is pretty good, but when you think about the crazy lines of upperclassmen, is it really worth it. Let me answer for you: no.
  3. Moes: This is only on here because Chipotle is kind of far away and you would have to shove your burrito down your throat and Chiptole deserves to be savored. So back to Moe’s- it’s super close to Green Hope, reasonably priced, and who doesn’t love that warm welcome of, “Welcome to Moe’s!”
  4. Whole Foods/La Farm: If you’re feeling fancy or if you just got paid, take a stroll (because it’s literally down the street from Green Hope) down to the Whole Foods and La Farm duo. Make your way through the stay at home soccer moms to the La Farm counter and breathe in all that fluffy bread smell, which is sure to persuade you to buy that $3.99 chocolate almond croissant. But don’t pass on the Whole Foods Lunch Buffet, which gives you a variety of options for the pricey price of $7.99 per pound. 
  5. Cookout: Great quesadillas and milkshakes, but this is not a stress-free lunch.  Google maps say it takes 16 minutes to get there and 16 minutes to get back. You don’t have to worry about budgeting your money, but you have to budget your time.  Speeding, while illegal, is necessary and now that we can’t bring food back into school, you’ll have to scarf down your food, but it’s all worth it for that oreo milkshake.
  6. Bruegger’s: A quality bagel can really just put a smile on someone’s face. So if you’re feeling down, head to Bruegger’s where the bagels are decent and the options are endless. Where else can you get a chocolate chip bagel for pretty cheap?
  7. Papa Johns: Literally go and treat yourself to a pizza. Or if you want to save some dough (we love wordplay) pick up some friends and split the cost of a pie. And what better place to enjoy a pizza than in the comfort of your own car (since that Papa Johns on Davis Drive is a walk-in). Or, take this pizza out on a picnic at the park and enjoy your slice with nature (visit #2 for details).
  8. Dunkin Donuts: If you’re looking for a cheap and fast fix, this should be your go-to.  It’s nearby and has quite the selection, ranging from ice cream to hash browns. It’s never too early for ice cream… at 10:30 in the morning. 
  9. Picnic at the Park: Almost as good as going home because you bring your food from home with you.  And what’s better than eating free food outside under the bright blue sky? You get recess and to be a kid again, swinging from the swings or sliding down the slide.  
  10. Bojangles: Who doesn’t love a good old piece of fried chicken and biscuit? And don’t get us started on those cajun fries. Bojangles is cheap and close to school, so this is an obvious option for upperclassmen. The only con about it is that due to all these pros, Bojangles draws a large crowd from Green Hope, causing you to wait a while for your food. 
  11. Your Own House: Just go home. Why buy food when you can whip it up in the privacy of your own home? Make your mom happy and use up those leftovers on your friends- I guarantee you this will make you rise up to the title of the favorite child in your mom’s eyes. This is quite honestly the best option- cheap, within a reasonable distance of school, and private, seeing as how you won’t encounter anybody from school (unless you invite them to your house).

So here’s an official ranking of the best off-campus lunch places. Use those 54 minutes wisely and spend your money (or no money!) on some quality food.  Remember: the best food is the food your parents pay for at home.