Humans Of Green Hope

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

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Jake Tetrault, 12th Grade

“I was fishing with my cousin in Florida and we were on the north end of this island looking for snook when we saw this big grey thing under the water that was about 30 feet long. We were like “oh shoot that’s a big animal” and it was swimming against the current. We were like “uh oh we’re about to be eaten by this megalodon shark or a blue whale or some type of sea animal.”  So we’re chillin’ and we’re freaking out trying to figure out what to do and then we realize “wow we’re really stupid, that’s a pack of manatees” because one of them came up and got air. Then, we swam out and we tried to pet them. I touched one and my cousin touched one and then they swam away. We realized that it’s super illegal to touch them and we could potentially get in a lot of trouble for that.”