Quill and Scroll Feature



Hannah Petersen and Mason Barish

There is a new club that has made its way to Green Hope. The Quill and Scroll will be one of the National Honor Societies that Green Hope prides itself on. This club is made for those interested in High School journalism. It was founded in 1926, and will be joining Green Hope’s variety of clubs this year. It will be co-advised by Ms. Weeks and Mr. Kesterson. For more information, we interviewed Ms. Weeks about the club and her involvement. 

Who is this club aimed at?

“Journalism students: yearbook staff, The GH Falcon staff, Falcon Vision. It originally started from a newspaper/yearbook standpoint.”

What was your inspiration behind bringing the Quill and Scroll to Green Hope?

“[It is a] formalized way to recognize students interested in journalism, just like the other honors societies do their students.”

What do you hope to get out of the club?

“Unification between the Yearbook and the Falcon News Feed classes. With them being two separate classes,communication isn’t that easy, so having a specific time to meet together can help with the collaboration of these two classes.”

Is there any specific part of the club you look forward to working on?

”The club is brand new, so I’ll have to see what there is to work on.”

What are the requirements for getting into the club?

“Be in a journalism class at Green Hope.”

When is the club’s interest meeting/when would the first meeting be?

“It is currently up in the air about when or where the first meeting will be, but meeting during lunchtime on Mondays is most likely the way Mr. Kesterson and I will go.”

“Continue to look out for additional information about the Quill and Scroll and when the meetings will start.”