Cooler Temps Coming


Wikimedia Commons

The change of the leaves, signaling the fall season.

Shea McIntyre and Ellie Hamashima

For fall lovers everywhere, this week welcomed a taste of the cold weather to come. Cold temperatures are highly anticipated by many Green Hope students, who are ready for the controversial “Thotumn/Christian Girl Fall”, but the approaching weeks are a sweaty slap in the face. Green Hope students, you aren’t done being heated. Just after Hurricane Dorian, a new tropical storm is in town, but is predicted to only bring rip currents along with cloudiness and cooler water to North Carolina. Hurricane Humberto isn’t anticipated to do much except grant many hot students’ wish of cooler temperatures, but beware: this is only a tease of the true fall season. The weeks of September 15th-22nd and 22nd-29th are introducing dryer and crisper temperatures, and our morning travels to school or work may require a light jacket or occasional pair of pants. Finally, a hot pumpkin spice latte would be fitting for this chilly weather.

  According to ABC 11, the upcoming Sunday and Tuesday temperatures will range from 5 to 10 degrees fahrenheit higher than average. But don’t kiss your dreams of the PSL goodbye just yet! On Friday, September 20th, WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardener predicted, “The system has been to the north and west of North Carolina, and clockwise winds have been bringing cool air from the north. That system will move over North Carolina during the weekend and stick around into next week. Winds will bring warmer air from the south. Next week will see clear skies, with little chance of precipitation.” Although there is uncertainty surrounding it, there is reason to believe next week the temperatures will start to take another dip into the blessed 60s. This is thanks to yet another front pushing through the Mid-Atlantic, bringing cooler and drier weather with it. Take advantage of this early sneak peek of “Thotumn or Christian Girl Fall”.