Kanye’s Anticipated Album Drop

Kanye performing for a large crowd at Coachella


Kanye performing for a large crowd at Coachella

Mason Barish, Staff Writer

     If you are a frequent listener to hip-hop music, chances are that Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora have recommended that you listen to Kanye. After dropping his first album in 2004, Kanye has been a household name ever since, and he has skyrocketed in popularity each time a new album and is released. Last year, Kanye was scheduled to release his 9th studio album, Yandhi. However, due to song leaks from the album, it never came out. Since then, there hasn’t been any news on what he is up to. That is until Jesus is King was announced on https://www.kanyewest.com/. The album was believed to be releasing this Friday and according to a picture taken by Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, the album will have 10 songs.

   The focus of this album is quite clear, considering the name and after seeing what Kanye has been up to. Recently, Kanye has been holding Sunday Service around the US, from Coachella to Cody, Wyoming. It is a church service that highly focuses around music, and the relation to religion is possibly the inspiration behind the album’s name. In fact, according to Kim, these services have really connected Kanye to Christ and gotten him on a journey to salvation.

     Though this kind of religious music isn’t new for Kanye, considering the song Jesus Walks, from his first ever album, is one of his most popular singles ever. Currently, I’d like to think that the question on most people’s minds is if the production will be as impressive as Kanye’s past albums have been. Last year, ye and Kids See Ghosts set a high standard for production in hip-hop music. The sounds of Kid Cudi and Kanye’s sampling create an immersive sound that can draw most listeners in. Hopefully, Kanye’s skills have been honed to a point and this album will be good enough to join his greatest work. 

     The fear surrounding the pressing release date that Kim leaked is that the album may turn out to be another Yandhi, and will be delayed for longer than fans want. However, there is a fair amount of confidence that this album will drop within the year at the least. Nobody thinks that this will be an abandoned project or be renamed the same way Yandhi was, since Kanye hasn’t had an album for over a year, and Yandhi was teased for so long. The excitement for Jesus is King is through the roof, and, hopefully, the music lives up to the hype.