Vaping Versus Your Lungs

A vape pen from Juul, which is the most used vaping device in the U.S.


A vape pen from Juul, which is the most used vaping device in the U.S.

Mason Barish, Staff Writer

A staple of Green Hope is the unplanned fire alarms that go off when people decide that their time is better spent vaping than being in class. Besides costing the school precious time and money with false fire alarms while vaping, you may also be at risk of hurting yourself.


Just recently this month, there was a 6th death to a mysterious lung disease that doctors believe is related to e-cigarettes, more directly, vaping. As the number of young people who vape increases, the number of people who are now affected by this lung disease has risen. Currently, there are around 500 people with the illness. Combine this with the ongoing probe into JUUL’s marketing practices and the allegations against them that claim JUUL targets minors with its advertisements, and vaping looks more and more like cigarettes with fun flavors.


As the vaping problem gets more serious, I would expect to see the Green Hope faculty pushing back harder against the e-cigarettes. There are already teachers that watch the bathrooms between classes to make sure that nobody is vaping, but I hope it doesn’t escalate to the level that other schools have reached. For example, in Alabama the vaping problem has gotten so bad that a high school decided to start removing stall doors from the bathroom so kids can’t hide in the bathroom while they vape. In doing this, there may be serious a breach of privacy from the school.


Vaping affects more than just one person, and as the number of those who vape grows larger by the day, the actions taken against vaping escalates.