How to Destress

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Maddy Mudd, Staff Writer

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     We are back at it Green Hope. We are on the fifth week of school and by this point most students have gotten into the routine. Most students have gotten used to getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 12 instead of 3. As temperatures continue to drop, the stress of the student body inversely rises. College application season is on the horizon for most of our seniors, if not already a part of everyday life. But even if you aren’t a senior, another year of stress and anxiety is ever looming above you and classes may be feeling a little overwhelming. Everyone needs a break every once in a while to destress, calm down, and prepare for the battles ahead.  So here are ten tips and tricks of the trade. 

  1. Focus on your Breathing– Sometimes simply focusing on breathing in and out can center you and calm you down. In Psychology, there are several different theories of emotions that can work interchangeably with each other. One of these theories describes that physical circumstances cause emotional reactions. By slowing your breathing and your heart rate you almost trick your body into calming down as an emotional reaction to the physical state of slowing down your heartbeat. 
  2. Coloring- You don’t have to be artistic to love coloring. The simple act of having lines to fall in and adding color to the spaces between the black lines doesn’t require a ton of complex thinking. It also can bring out some nostalgic feelings of childhood, when things were simpler. Overall it gives your mind a break and your hands something to enjoy and engage with. 
  3. Baking- Baking is an art and a science. I’ve never been a cook or a baker. I burn everything I touch, but sometimes I enjoy making the little boxed brownies because they have easy and clear instructions, so its just me jamming out to music and making a really yummy snack for later on.
  4. Netflix- Who doesn’t love Netflix, or your local TV provider, if you aren’t a Netflix fan. There is almost no better feeling than lying under a pile of blankets binge watching Netflix shows.
  5. A Nap- Sometimes you just need to pretend you don’t have things to stress about, go home, procrastinate, and sleep.
  6. Going for a Walk- Get some fresh air, clear your head, be around nature and sunlight and your beloved pet. You can take a break to just think everything through and make a plan of action going forward.
  7. Playing Brainless Fun Games- If you want to just not think and turn everything off for a while but you aren’t tired I’d suggest playing a mindless game like Candy Crush, My Oasis, or Crossy Road.
  8. Listening to Calm Music- Finding a nice piano solo on Spotify is the best feeling in the world listen to some music, lose yourself in it and let it soothe you.
  9. Warm Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Apple Cider)- Sometimes you just need a warm drink or treat to make you happy and calm.
  10. Doing Something You Love- Especially with the stress of college application season sometimes you need to remind yourself why you are doing everything you are doing, why you are working so hard, and why you are so stressed out by doing the things you love and just enjoying it for the sake of enjoying it. Remind yourself why you love what you love and why you are doing what you are doing. 

     As a person with a lot of experience worrying I consider myself an expert on how to find insignificant things to worry about. During finals week, I’m usually plagued with a variety of headaches and nosebleeds, none of which are good. I know I’m not the only Green Hope Student constantly plagued with worry and fear but we need to learn to harness this worry in a productive and healthy way and a part of that is knowing when to worry and be productive and when and how to turn off the stress. Everyone is different and everyone has different ways to destress, but during my journey at Green Hope, these are the tricks I have found most effective and helpful in recharging my emotional and mental battery.