Sydney Dowler’s Committment


Michael Moore, Staff Writer

Sydney Dowler began her Green Hope Varsity Volleyball career in the fall of her freshman year. As a freshman on a very strong team, Sydney played a crucial role in the team’s playoff domination. Since then, Sydney has continued to exhibit her outstanding skills and volleyball IQ, with plays such as her signature fake set. She is able to pick apart defenses by pretending to set the ball to her teammates, while actually hitting it backwards into a specific spot on the court. This move has been a game changer in a surplus of games in the past, including the amazing comeback win over the 4x Independent Schools state champions, North Raleigh Christian Academy, and continues to be a crucial part to the Green Hope success.
Sydney is currently leading the falcons, as a captain in her fourth year, in what is starting to look like a very successful season (The team is currently 7-0 in conference play). She has continuously proven herself to be an extremely impactful player, and has been able to lead the team through the highs, and most definitely the lows.
Sydney committed to the University of Maryland her sophomore year, fought her way to becoming a 3 time state champion, earned a Finals MVP 3 times, and was awarded Gatorade player of the year in 2018. Now as the end of her high school career approaches, Sydney is ready to join Maryland and the dominant Big Ten division.