Kanye West Flops Again

Kanye in the studio. Jesus is King is his newest studio album.


Kanye in the studio. Jesus is King is his newest studio album.

David Rowe, Staff Writer

Kanye West has a history of missing release dates for his albums. Kanye was scheduled to release his 9th studio album, Yandi, in September 2018. He missed his release date, but soon after, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, announced on Twitter that the project would be dropping on Black Friday. Fans were ecstatic. Although it would be two months after the initial scheduled release, fans waited anxiously. Then came Black Friday. Once again, no album. Fans raged on Twitter. Kanye was two months past the original release date, and there was no sign of anything coming out. This, however, did not stop fans from getting excited about his next release, Jesus is King, which was set to release on September 27, 2019.

Kim Kardashian tweeted a daily countdown every day up until the album and fans were positive that the album would be released when West’s label, Def Jam Records, tweeted out a picture of the Chicago rapper hours before the scheduled release of Jesus is King. Fans were once again devastated when the clock hit 12:00 a.m. on September 27, and the album was not released.. Fans tweeted angrily all day and Kanye was quickly trending on Twitter once again for missing another release date. Kim Kardashian then tweeted that he would be releasing the album on Sunday, following one of his Sunday Services in New York. Fans were skeptical, but still hopeful that they would be getting new music by the end of the weekend.

Kanye then played his album at his A Kanye West Experience event in New York over the weekend and also announced that he made an accompanying short film, titled Jesus is King, which is set to release in IMAX theaters nationwide on October 25. Some fans are speculating that the album will be released on or soon before the release of the film. As Sunday came to an end and there was still no music in sight, fans began to accept that this may be Yandhi all over again. Rumors then came out that Kanye could not stop tweaking the mixes and that there was no longer a release date for the project. Once again, Kanye has caused a roller coaster of emotions for his fans over yet another missed release date.