Stranger Things Season 4 PROMO

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Shea McIntyre, Staff Writer

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     On Monday, September 30th, an electrifying and enticing video was posted confirming a renewal and 4th season of the popular sci-fi series Stranger Things created by Durham, NC natives, Matt and Ross Duffer. The thirty-seven second video was dusky and read, “We’re not in Hawkins Anymore”. This elusive and Wizard Of Oz like slogan entices many, including myself, as to when the highly anticipated 1980s set show will return and where?! 


     If you haven’t watched the summer-based Season 3, including the oh-so-American Fourth of July festivities and the Starcourt Mall, then do not read further! *Whew* Now that the not-up-to-date watchers have left, we can discuss! All of you have been introduced to, and fell in love with, the Scoops Troop, like I have, and felt that poor Alexei went too soon. As we all shed tears toward the end of the final episode, “Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt”, in which there were suspenseful endings including the Byers and El moving away from Hawkins, Indiana up north to Maine, as well as what happened to the investigative and 3-inch obsessing Police Chief Officer Hopper. As credits roll we, the audience, are taken far far North East to Kamchatka, Russia, in what seems like a prison center where Soviet members are after an inmate, when the chief yells, “No, not the American!” This thrilling scene led to many hopeful conspiracy theories and could be referring to Hopper, beloved Barb from waaay back in season one, Dr. Martin Brenner, the return of Number Eight, or even the creation of a new character in place to team up with Hopper, who’s possibly stuck in the Upside Down. Some character comebacks seem more outlandish than others, but other theories regarding the next season include the idea that the season will revolve around the infamous 1986 Chernobyl Disaster involving a Nuclear Power Plant accident near the Ukranian Socialist Soviet Republic. 

     This promo video announcing a succeeding season has brought lots of excitement like such and even spurred Stephen King fans’ interest that maybe the next season will include darker Stephen King plot lines and twists, as the Byer family is moving to the Stephen King state. It’s no surprise that the Duffer Brothers are major Stephen King fans and that their work was inspired by King’s iconic yet chilling stories, specifically the 1984 novel Firestarter involving a young girl with pyrokinesis powers being inspected by a secret government agency. Sounds familiar huh? I thought so too. Is it possible the fourth season could have some Pennywise and Carrie cameos? This all makes sense as the cast is constantly asked about the American author and if the series is influenced by his work, as seen in a late 2017 WIRED Autocomplete Interview where actors Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo, who play Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson, allude to the idea that the retro, demogorgon-filled series is loosely based upon nonfiction and Stephen King stories, even claiming the kids are “shiners” like in the startling novel turned film The Shining.

     Unfortunately, we cannot confirm or deny anything regarding the next season and, until then, we encourage some Halloween binging of the past seasons to come up with your own not in Hawkins hypothesis. Leaving Hawkins (for now). Come again soon (for the next season!!!).