Haunted Auditorium

Amelia Mendes and Sophie Hall

     The rumors have been going around for years. Voices heard echoing through rows of seats after school. Apparitions briefly seen lurking behind the curtains during drama club. Mysterious incidents during tech week in which ropes and levers were pulled, although no one was known to be in that wing. Mr. Gorski, himself, has been known to occasionally tell his classes of oddities he’s experienced during various rehearsals. We’ve always known that the Green Hope auditorium was haunted, we’ve just never accepted it, but this month, we must face our fears and discover the truth about what sinister entities truly reside within Green Hope High School.

    On October 30th, the Green Hope theatre department will be hosting the Haunted Auditorium. We spoke with drama club president, Sarah Patisaul, to get the inside scoop on the event. The Haunted Auditorium is a spooky “student led production”, in which our fellow falcons have been in charge of everything from production, to writing, to tech, to directing. There will be three showings at 7, 8, and 9pm. Students tickets cost $5 and adult tickets cost $8. The proceeds will go to the drama department to buy “costumes, set pieces, etc. for future productions.” “It’s gonna be a really spooky time. It’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Students have really put hard work into this. Hope to see everyone there!!”