Early Release Changes

Maddy Mudd, Mason Barish, and Hannah Petersen

Early Release days have been canceled, foregone, abandoned; but in their place, full teacher workdays have appeared. In the coming year, students can expect to have a full 12 days off throughout the year. There is at least 1 day off each month, and sometimes there are multiple. Combine this with the holiday breaks and potential snow days, and you’ve got a concoction for weeks of school done away with.

While the loss of a half-day may seem like a tragedy to some, we feel that the benefits of these workdays outway the negatives. These are full days off. There is a possibility of having multiple days off per month (half days came once a month, never twice). Last year there were only 6 half days and 6 workdays, so we have gained time off as a school rather than lost it. Some of us may miss the half days, where it felt that we were productive for at least some of the day and then could easily catch a ride out with friends for lunch, but at the end of the day having full days off only increases the potential for social activity, as well as the possibility for teachers to get actual work done. This gained time is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our days off, winter break has gained nearly 3 days of relaxation routines over the last year. 

It’s a very lucky year to be a falcon. Days off are bountiful, soar high Green Hope.