Elementary School Bus Catches Fire

Just last week, two individuals had a close brush with death. A bus carrying a Highcroft Elementary school student caught fire on Highway 55 and Green Hope School Road. After investigating the charred wreckage, authorities concluded that a failure in the air conditioning system caused the bus to overheat. The Department of Public Instruction has been called to look further into this event. Buses have always had routine maintenance checks every thirty days and every bus driver is supposed to do a daily check, but the problem has resulted in those responsible making sure that we fix any problems that might arise. 

Luckily, both people in the bus survived, but WCPSS parents are unhappy with the lack of transparency around this case. Many believe that there is too little being said to comfort parents’ fears of this happening again. The district has been advertising evacuation procedures to make sure all students and staff are aware, in order to make sure that, until we figure out how to prevent these problems in the future, we are prepared for anything that might happen. This experience has left an impact on Green Hope. During lunch, the maintenance truck for the buses can be clearly seen from the courtyard, hard at work watching over every bus.