Humans of Green Hope: Jen Lawson

Taima Abu El Hawa, Copy Editor

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Hi, I’m Jen Lawson and I’m a junior at Green Hope. During the summer, my family planned a weekend trip so we could camp out on the beach. We bought all kinds of supplies and borrowed a mini grill from one of my coworkers. Then, when we finally got to the beach, we realized that my dad’s car couldn’t drive on the sand to our campsite and my mom’s car couldn’t either. So, the sand was scorching hot and we had to carry all of our luggage to the campsite, which was two miles away. My parents were like “we aren’t going to be able to do this”, so we take all of our stuff back. My parents were on the phone trying to call hotels and stuff, trying to find an open spot for us and, luckily, someone checked out early out of their condo. Overall, it was a really nice place. We ate good food, walked to the beach a lot, made picnics, and had amazing family quality time.