Missing Plane in Raleigh


Wikimedia Commons

Amelia Mendes and Sophie Hall

     Last Sunday, at approximately 7pm, a Piper PA32, a small private plane, went missing near Umstead State Park. The plane was reported to have sent out a distress signal prior to losing contact with air traffic control. Where the plane was flying to and whether or not there were any casualties on the plane was previously unknown, until a recent update. Now, the wreckage has been discovered and it was found that two died in the crash, Dr. Harvey Partridge, a seventy-two year old Floridian veterinarian, and his beloved wife, Patricia Partridge. Dr. Partridge had been attempting to land at Raleigh Durham International Airport. The search for the plane proved to be difficult, as the park is about 5,000 acres of poorly lit forest with few roads. A rescue team, comprised of people from a dozen state and local agencies, searched for a heat signal from the ground until 3am on Sunday and the search resumed on Monday at 6:30am, until the wreckage was found around 10am near the Reedy Creek Multi-Use Trail. Our thoughts and prayers are now with the Patridge’s loved ones.