Senior Year Bucket List


Hannah McCarron, Social Media Manager

Class of 2020, it is finally your senior year!  That means there are only 2 semesters left to make your mark on our campus and enjoy some of the fun that comes along with being an upperclassman. If you want to take full advantage of it, here is a comprehensive Green Hope Senior Year Bucket List to help you check off all the traditions that you could possibly participate in. Have fun!

Make it to Cookout at lunch

This is not only a part of the bucket list, but also a personal challenge. You have 55 minutes to eat lunch and it is a 14 minute drive to Cookout. That means 28 minutes will be taken by your commute, so use your time wisely to get this done and don’t get pulled over!

Go to a Game

Whether its football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or any of our other sports offered at Green Hope, go and support your fellow seniors and cheer them on.

Dance at Homecoming & Prom

Get all your friends together or go with a date. This is a fun way to get all dressed up and have a fun night with your friends. This year, Hoco may be called a Fall Ball, but the tradition is still there and deserves to be on your bucket list. Prom is later in the year and is a great way to wrap up your time at Green Hope with one last dance.

Senior Breakfast

You might have to wait until springtime for this, but it is a must-do. There will be everything you could possibly want to eat during second period. Treat yourself!

Say “hi” to teachers from freshman year

Take a trip down memory lane! If your favorite teachers are still teaching here at GHHS, pay them a visit and thank them for helping you get to this point. They will definitely appreciate it and you will be happy that you visited them before graduating.

Countdown to Graduation

And finally…. The most important part of senior year: graduating! Make sure you get all your credits done and all the requirements, then celebrate and be proud of yourself. You made it!