“Fall Ball” Homecoming Update

Wikimedia Commons

Shea McIntyre, Staff Writer

After much speculation, the date for our annual homecoming or “Fall Ball” is right around the corner! Since the original date of September 21st, following our marvelous spirit week, admin finalized a new date of Saturday November 9th, the perfect day to host a bunch of dressed up students who’ll turn sweaty in our school’s commons. Expect lots and lots of “hoco” pictures the succeeding day, Sunday November 10th, as students will be having too much fun on Fall Ball night to post any pics! But beware, if you’re planning to show off your moves, be sure to have tickets as they sell quick! The week of October 21st tickets sold out and many students planning to attend the dance got nervous… but do not fear, tickets are still being offered.

Now that the rumors have turned to truth, picking an outfit is so much easier knowing the exact date of the dance! Shoutout to Ella Troiano’s “Investigation Station: Homecoming” where she addressed all the ponderous thoughts of the “Fall Ball” of Green Hope students. And if you’re still searching for a dress, check out Taima Abu El Hawa’s Student Life article on “The Ultimate Hoco Shopping Spree” and you’ll be sure to find the perfect ensemble. Wear something memorable, as this may be your first or last hoco, comfortable, and of course to your style! 

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Signing off until November 9th, have a happy hoco!