International Students Guess Stats About GH

Maddy Chen, Staff Writer

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Recently, I was texting my friend about junior year and how we were doing in school. I came across a realization that she thought that Green Hope was a lot different than it actually is. I began to wonder if other international students like her also had the same assumptions about schools in America. So, I created a quiz and tested the student’s knowledge on statistics about Green Hope to see if there were any stereotypes or trends that could be found. 

Of the students who took the quiz, the majority come from Shanghai Community International School, which is a private school grades Pre-K-12, located in Shanghai, China. Others that took the quiz came from Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil. The average score was 35.1% passing rate. 

You can test your own knowledge here:

Let’s look at the results: 

Do you know what state NC stands for? 

67% of the students knew that NC meant North Carolina while 33% didn’t. This was surprising for me because I thought that international students wouldn’t be as aware of the smaller states, especially if it’s abbreviated in postal terms. 

How many students do you think are in my grade? 

40% thought there were under 500 students, 20% thought it was under 200, and 15% said around 700-900 students are in my grade. However, the correct answer, which 25% got right, was 500-700. 

How big is the average class size? (Teacher: Student) Ratio 

47% of students got this answer correct at a 20:1 ratio while the other most common answer was 25:1 which 42% guessed. 

What time do you think my school starts? 

Many underestimated the start time for Green Hope. 58% believed school started at 8:00 am while it actually starts at 7:00 am, which 26% got correct. 

True or False: My school blocks Instagram 

62% answered False while the correct response was actually True. Due to government security in China, in which many international social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. are all blocked, VPN must be used to access them at school. It’s also the same way at GH, which many international students didn’t realize. 

True or False: We recite the pledge of allegiance everyday 

58% knew this while 42% believed this wasn’t actually true. 

True or False: Most seniors have cars and drive to/from school 

79% knew this answer to be True. 

True or False: Upperclassmen love underclassmen, especially freshmen. 

79% also knew this answer. This might be a stereotype, but often, there are larger divides between upperclassmen and underclassmen in schools like Green Hope versus smaller schools such as SCIS. 

True or False: Most people eat lunch in the cafeteria 

This is actually false, but many international students thought this was true (53%). 

Diversity Check: How many students in my school do you think are white? 

Many overestimated the amount of white students at school, which makes sense. 15% thought 90% of the school was white, 32% thought it was 80%, 37% thought it was 60%, while only 15% got the right answer which was 50%. This may be due to the stereotype that America has a lot of people of white heritage. 

If you could describe American high schools in less than 5 words, what would it be? 

  • No uniforms, vaping, vegan shaming
  • Shootings
  • Depressing, sad
  • Very large, many people
  • People mess around all the time 
  • A lot of drama
  • Pretty bad 
  • White, tall, blondes, airpods, vans 
  • Kinda wild 
  • School shootings galore 
  • Freedom, not too strict 
  • Social Hierarchy 
  • Hypocrites, fun, educational, bullies 

If you could go to highschool in any place in America, where would it be? 

  • The most common answer was California 
  • The second most common answer was New York. These two answers are the two most commonly known places in America by international people. 
  • Other answers included: Washington DC, Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, and Iowa