Things to Do While You’re Sick


Matthew Henry

Amelia Mendes and Sophie Hall

I recently suffered from what seemed like a never-ending cold. It came, left, came back again with a vengeance, and now has slowly begun to fade away from existence. As I sat in bed, trying to figure out how to breathe with a stuffy nose and a dry cough, I concluded that it was about time for The Falcon to comprise a list of things to do while you’re sick, and I made a vow that when I returned to civilization, I would contribute the knowledge I gained from my cold to help out fellow Falcons who are also under the weather.

    1. FOCUS ON GETTING BETTER ASAP: You will only be able to truly rest and recharge your batteries if you know that you are really taking care of yourself. Take your DayQuil, keep cough drops/tissues nearby, put on a pair of fresh pajamas, crawl into bed, and send yourself positive mental messages. Visualize yourself being healthy and returning to your normal day to day life.
    2. Binge Watch Your Favorite Feel-Good Movies and TV Shows: Okay, so when I first got sick, naturally I binge watched the original Law & Order with the talented (and very handsome) Chris Noth. Big mistake. Turns out watching hour-long episodes of people getting murdered and killers getting away with it doesn’t quite motivate you to get back out there. But Nora Ephron movies, 3rd Rock From the Sun, and Seinfeld? Let’s just say that laughter is the best medicine.
    3. Read Some Fluff: You know those books that require absolutely no thought? Those corny romance novels, jam-packed with cliches? Mystery/horror novels that take half an hour to read, tops? Pull out some of that mindless reading material and allow your brain to take a vacation. Plus, even finishing that silly “graphic novel” (let’s be honest, it’s a comic book) will make you feel accomplished and ready to face the world.
    4. Call Your Friends: Misery loves company. If your friends haven’t already called you to check up on you (shame on them!), give them a call/text yourself. Then, allow their health and well-being to hopefully rub off on you.
    5. Maybe Get SOME Homework Done: Your main focus should be getting better, but if you’re lying in bed, stressed about all the homework you’ll have when you get back, then it will be harder for your body to really relax and recuperate. Ease your stress by just doing the bare minimum. Warning: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT overwork yourself while your sick. This could result in you prolonging your cold. 
    6. When in Doubt, Take a Nap: They joke that “sleep is for the weak”. Well, you are weak right now and sleeping off your cold might just be your best bet.