Kanye West’s Documentary


Wikimedia Commons

Photo taken at one of West’s listening parties for his new album.

Mason Barish, Staff Writer

In light of what his pastor and those around him have said about the change that the celebrity has gone through in church, Kanye has decided to create an artistic film release in preparation for his album. The film is released unofficially at some theaters Thursday the 24th, but it releases in conjunction with his newest album, Jesus is King, on Friday the 25th. It will only be shown in IMAX theaters, and can be found at the AMC theaters at Southpoint here in Cary. Tickets seem expensive, coming in at nearly 11 dollars a piece. The reason it seems like an excessive price is because the film is clocking in at a little less than a 40 minute movie, nowhere near the length of a feature film, further solidifying its place as a film of artistic merit rather than a film made for long term entertainment and more one made for thought and his fanbase.

The focus of this movie has been said to be about his ninth album, Jesus is King, and how he has gone through a transformation through Christ, according to Kanye’s family and his priest, at church. Another point is to mention Sunday Service, which is the rapper’s live performances that he takes around the country, performing gospel music and mixing his more religious songs with the sound of a church choir. A trailer has been released for the movie, but it doesn’t say much about the content, only mentioning that it is a film by Kanye and was filmed at the Roden Crater in Arizona. Anticipations are high this week for the new content West is bringing to the market of music and film, but the movie is more promotional side content for his album that has been released as of late. So far, Kanye has shown off short parts of the film at 3 listening parties around the country, however, no critic reviews are up for the movie yet. If you are a big fan of Kanye, this may be worth your money to learn more about the album, other than that, you can see it for remixed tracks of past songs West has made, or new songs from the album, both of which have been mentioned to have some inclusion in the film.