Colin Cotter Commitment Conspiracy


Michael Moore, Staff Writer

Colin Cotter is a swimmer for the Green Hope Varsity Swim Team and has been since his freshman year. Since he began at Green Hope, he has swum the same two events in every duel meet, the 200 individual medley and the 100 Backstroke. Over the years, Colin has been able to develop his technique, strengthen his underwaters and increase his aerobic capacity, which has allowed him to master the 100-yard Backstroke. As a freshman, Colin was the youngest swimmer on the State Championship team, and even the youngest in North Carolina to make States. At this time, Colin was posting a 100 Back time of 53.96, and now as a senior, Colin has already been able to record a 50.69, at a preseason meet (The difference between preseason and championship meets are the suits. Faster suits are worn at championship meets).

Now, as a senior, Colin is turning his focus to college swimming. He has been in contact with many elite colleges, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina University and the University of South Carolina. He most recently visited the University of South Carolina and said that he felt like it was home. Colin stated, “The team brought a certain energy to the pool every single day, that was contagious. And the coaches and men were so welcoming and chill.”

Colin has yet to make his final decision, but it is looking like he is leaning towards becoming a Gamecock!

*Editor’s Note: his article was written 10/18/19. Since this article was written, Colin Cotter announced his verbal commitment to the University of South Carolina*