Best Ice Cream in the Triangle


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Ella Troiano and Kaia Patel

Have you ever decided to get a frozen treat after dinner, but you can’t decide where to go? We have created a list that will solve all your problems: ice cream listed in order of superiority. There is a certain hierarchy of ice cream in Cary and it’s essential to find the best one. So next time you go out for ice cream, consider this list before you make your decision and if you’re feeling really adventurous, try to hit every one.

1. Goodberry’s Frozen Custard is the ideal hangout spot. Not only do you get the best frozen custard with any topping your heart could desire, but you also have a space to sit outside with your friends.

2. Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream has literally everything. The chocolate fudge brownie is the best ice cream out there, but it’s not all they serve. You can bring that lactose intolerant family member and they’ll have a wide variety of sweets to choose from. Be sure to check out the fudge making while you are there. 

3. Fresh Local Ice Cream has become a landmark in Downtown Cary. Recently branching out to Downtown Apex, Fresh has become a perfect place to sit down and enjoy a cup of ice cream. Homemade flavors and cute decor puts Fresh near the top of the list. 

4. Howling Cow is a hot commodity in the Triangle area. Typically served at NC State, Howling Cow is a must-do stop in Raleigh. However, recently Howling Cow ice cream has been sold in local grocery stores and it has sold out almost immediately upon stocking. 

5. Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream is a cute little ice cream store that has Gilmore Girl vibes. It’s also homemade ice cream so it’s extra special. The flavors here are reliable and delicious- the perfect treat on a hot day.

6. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is a classic choice, especially when you need a pick-me-up. Most people have eaten Ben & Jerry’s in those blue tubs bought at the grocery store. However, Ben & Jerry’s is also a shop that offers many intriguing flavors and delicious cones. 

7. Dairy Queen is one of the best spots to go with all your friends. They offer a variety of frozen treats including their signature blizzards. You can grab a meal and ice cream for a cheap price. 

8. Milk Lab is very trendy. Milk Lab serves Boba tea and rolled ice cream. The rolled ice cream is a little expensive but comes with multiple toppings and a great view. Customers get to watch their ice cream be created and are presented with a unique photo opportunity. 

9. Parlour is a vintagey type ice cream place in downtown Durham. The shop is decorated really adorably and it almost feels like you’re on the set of a movie. The ice cream flavors are unique and are all really good. It’s the perfect way to end a summer night in downtown Durham, where you can stroll the streets whilst enjoying your ice cream cone of Vietnamese Coffee.

10. Vida Dulce has a large menu, ranging from ice cream and popsicles to churro splits.

11. Cold Stone Creamery has yummy ice cream creations. Ice cream is scooped and toppings are mixed in just to your liking. Cold Stone creations are often large serving sizes and can sometimes be pricey. 

12. Pelican’s Snoballs is a go-to choice in the summer. Pelicans offers both snowballs and ice cream. The ice cream may not be as good as other choices on this list, but the combination of ice cream and snoballs is perfect. Be sure to watch out for pesky bumblebees when you eat your treat, they like it too. 

13. Aligators Snoballs is a very similar to Pelicans because it also serves delicious snoballs. Alligators is the new rival of the long standing Pelicans, so you might want to check out both for yourself.