Harry Styles’ New Song of the Summer, but in the Winter



Maddy Chen, Staff Writer

Have nostalgia for Summer ‘19 after this stressful first semester of school? There’s a perfect new song for you! Last Saturday, Harry Styles debuted “Watermelon Sugar” on Saturday Night Live. The show was the #2 most streamed that night behind ABC’s college football. 

Flaunting a very “watermelon” looking outfit, donned in all bright red, Styles took the spotlight to perform the catchy melody in front of a live audience. Along with his performance on SNL, Styles also released the song on streaming platforms including Youtube, iTunes, and Spotify. 

This single will be included in his upcoming album as the second single after Lights Up”, which Styles also performed that night. The album, Fine Line, is set to release next month on December 13, but dedicated fans have already started pre-ordering. 

The sweet summer hit, ironically released in the winter, isn’t the first time Harry has created a fruit-themed song. His single, “Kiwi”, peaked worldwide Top 40 on Billboard’s Music Charts. Since the end of One Direction, it’s obvious that Harry still has the voice and charm that swoons many. The chorus of “Watermelon Sugar” will definitely have you repeating “Watermelon Sugar High! Watermelon Sugar High!” in front of friends and family. 

People worldwide have tuned in on social media to share their opinions on his new song. One fan tweeted: “I know it’s the dead of November, but I can’t wait to listen to “Watermelon Sugar” in the middle of the summer, driving with all my windows down.” Another fan said: “Harry Styles is the only person who can drop a summer bop like “Watermelon Sugar” in the middle of winter and get me grooving.”

If you want to give “Watermelon Sugar” a listen, it’ll be sure to erase feelings of the cold and snow and replace them with bright and sunny thoughts, when you’re chilling with friends, sipping lemonade and eating “strawberries on a summer evening.”