Is It Too Early For Christmas Music

Is It Too Early For Christmas Music

Hannah Petersen , Mason Barish, and Maddy Mudd

As Halloween ended and November started the Christmas decorations came out and the Christmas music began to play. The question is, is it too early. 

Pro Christmas Music (Before Thanksgiving)

  • There is no thanksgiving music

Spotify Christmas playlist

  • Stores are already getting ready for the Christmas season
  • The music is cheerful and puts people in a good mood
  • There is a variety of genres ranging from classical to pop or rap.

Against Christmas Music (Before Thanksgiving)

  • Fall is still happening and it’s not Winter yet
  • Christmas music is meant for Christmas
  • There is a false sense of hope that Christmas Break is near.
  • Overshadows Thanksgiving.
  • Early holiday stress

Whichever your opinion may be we hope you have a great holiday season and great tunes with which to enjoy it.