“Last Christmas” Movie Review


"Last Christmas" starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding

Taima Abu El Hawa, Copy Editor

Hauntingly tragic and beautiful, Last Christmas captivates the hearts of viewers. Staring “Games of Thrones” Emilia Clarke and “Crazy Rich Asians” Henry Golding, this British-rom com is theatrically inspired by “Last Christmas”, sung by the late George Micheal, featuring glimpses of his other soundtracks as well. 

Clarke’s character, the cynical and unlucky Katie, is seemingly cursed — towards the beginning of the movie, scenes depict a bird pooping on her head, her missing most of her doctor’s appointments, and her hating working a job at an elf-themed department store. Then, she meets Golding’s character, Tom Webster. Webster is this out of this world, good natured, too good to be true, who shows Katie the beauty of life. When I was watching Last Christmas, I didn’t like how Katie was chasing after Tom when he disappeared for a few days and I was skeptical about his character development because he doesn’t have a phone and he rides a bicycle.

 Also, can the directors explain why there’s a clown in the background and should the audience assume that Katie is suffering from a form of mental illness? Could it be that she is diagnosed with schizophrenia? 

In spite, this movie was quite enjoyable because I am an organ donor therefore, I know how far this good deed goes in saving people’s lives. Last Christmas is worth watching because it is not your usual boy meets girl and falls in love with her story, there’s other subject matter covered such as racism, sexuality, poverty… To wrap this up, I was left at the edge of my seat and my heart melted after I watched this sappy and cheesy movie.