Thanksgiving Captions


Wikimedia Commons

Shea McIntyre and Ellie Hamashima

Thanksgiving is a holiday completely devoted to being grateful for family and friends. We celebrate the federal holiday that founded unity in our country every November on the fourth Thursday. This holiday, as special as it is, typically gets overshadowed by the upcoming December holidays, the main one being: Christmas. However, many still dress to the nines, cranberry sauce in hand, and stuff their faces after taking many cute turkey day pics. For these fabulous photos we wanna help give you THE BEST caption ideas to express your thankfulness on the gram.

1) Don’t be fooled by my outfit, I wore stretchy pants for dinner.

2) Gobbling my gratitude this thxgiving.

3) Your favorite family. Thanksgiving Edition.

4) On to Christmas → → →

5) This Thankful Thursday, we ate.

6) One holiday & 10 episodes of Friends dedicated to it. #thankful

7) Save a plate for Joe. Joe Mama.

8) Thank u, next holiday.

9) Quirky for Turkey

10) Bye thotaumn & thotsgiving, you will be missed. Merry thiccmas!

11) Leftovers are for quitters

12) Pies before guys

13) Count blessings, not carbs

14) Gourd times

15) Only have pies for you

16) Bad day to be a turkey

17) Must find a christmas tree asap

18) Merry Black Friday Eve!

19) You got the tur-key to my heart

20) We lost a few soldiers to NNN today… pecan pie will do it to ya.