Coach Jason Furrie: Remembering a Fellow Falcon


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Amelia Mendes, Caity Dawes, and Sophie Hall

Coach Jason Furrie, an assistant football coach at Green Hope who died earlier this month after battling pancreatic cancer, was remembered last Monday morning at a funeral Mass held at St. Stephen Catholic Church. Coach Furrie was passionate about his family, friends, and work and dedicated himself to focusing on the more important things in life following his diagnosis. He was dearly loved by our student body and the Green Hope Community, who all banded together to buy a golf cart for Furrie earlier this year, so that he could continue to help out with the team. Coach Furrie was originally from Ohio, where he attended Ohio and Youngstown State, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He later earned his Master’s in Athletic Administration at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Coach Furrie is survived by his wife and children, the rest of his friends and family, and all of Sanford, NC. Our Green Hope community will dearly miss Coach Jason Furrie and his dedication to us and our school will never be forgotten.

“In what way do you feel that Coach Furrie has left a legacy at Green Hope?” 

  • Coach Green: “Well, I think there’s several things. He was somebody who took pride in his work and always tried to be the best he could be. Sometimes you have football coaches who work really hard at football, but they don’t take a lot of pride in the classroom, but Coach Furrie took great pride in what he was doing in the classroom, as well as in what he was doing on the football field. He was always prepared and nobody ever outworked him. That’s a great example for people to follow. Then you have his courage and the way he reacted towards adversity and the way he fought through it. He left a lot for us.” 

“How did he influence you as a football player and as a person? How will you remember him?”

  • Logan Willis: “He was a great coach that cared so much about the game, that he pushed through all of the pain he was going through to be at every practice, which was inspiring. The whole team worked harder because of him. I will remember him as a great coach.”

“How will you remember him? How has he influenced you as a person and a player? Do you have a story you want to share? What has he taught you?”

  • Tristen Roundtree: “I’ll remember him as one of my best and favorite coaches. He’s influenced me as a person because he pushed me everyday to be great. He was actually the one who moved me from safety to outside linebacker. He taught me how to play the position and I ended up having a really good season. He’s taught me to fight through adversity and take the problems that I have head on, instead of burying them.”

“How did he influence you as a player and a person? How did he inspire you?”

  • Braeden Bowling: “As a player, he was very influential in the way that I viewed the game. He had a lot of coaching experience and helped me gain a deeper understanding of the game. As a person, he showed me that the only disability in life is a bad attitude and poor work ethic. He showed me how nothing should get in the way of doing what you love. He inspired me by coming out to practice every single day, even with his poor health. He put our whole team in front of himself and inspired me to be brave, persistent, courageous, and to not let any obstacles life may throw my way interfere with my goals or dreams.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Furrie’s loved ones.