Disney+ Has an Impressive Release


Mason Barish, Staff Writer

Having been the most anticipated release for a streaming service in 2019 (being the only one to drop late 2019), Disney+ launched with a powerful lineup. The big names being Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Originals, and National Geographic. Before this service was opened to the public, Disney dropped its partnership with Netflix, and established new ties with Hulu to help promote their release. However, unlike the content Hulu promotes, Disney has no plans to put anything R or TV-MA rated on their service, opting for a more family friendly approach. In light of this choice, plenty of Disney Channel original shows can be found, such as Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb, and Zack and Cody. Coming with past shows, there are new releases, the most anticipated of those being The Mandalorian

Disney was built on their movies, and their streaming service now carries up to 500 of them, the oldest dating back to the 1940s. This wide selection is divided between animated and live action films, and contains nearly 8 decades of content to filter through. With this large of a catalog, the popularity of Disney+ was immense at day 1, where it was able to net 10 million subscribers within the first 24 hours of release. Though for some of those users, their login was met with massive issues. Cracked accounts have shown up on websites that were taken from people, and it took a long time for Disney to address this problem that people were having. While this was detrimental to some of those who got the service, it did not deter the growth of the service in the grand scheme of things, and purchases kept being made. That kind of rapid growth on day 1 hasn’t been seen in this industry ever, and was a wake up call for action for rival services.

Netflix had a partnership and response of its own up its sleeve though, and announced its plans for Nickelodeon’s past shows to be available to watch on their platform, and will have a continued partnership through 2020. The most recent addition has been Victorious, with many more to come. Time will tell how Disney+ fits in with Netflix in the market, considering that one is an established giant, and the other is pushed by a corporate powerhouse. Will they be equal competitors with market share equally divided, such as with Nintendo, PS4, and Xbox, or will one of these services be crushed under the other? At the moment, it seems like neither of these are possibilities, since Netflix has such an impressive head start with over 151 million active subscribers. Though Disney+ will have a defining moment in terms of the catalog of cinema and when it will be available, given they have direct access to their yearly releases of Marvel movies or any Star Wars film that is produced every couple years.