El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Review *SPOILERS*

Breaking bad actors Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

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Breaking bad actors Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White)

David Rowe, Staff Writer

Breaking Bad is regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and El Camino picked up right where they left off six years ago. Director Vince Gilligan assembled nearly an identical team to the one he made over 10 years ago when Breaking Bad first aired. The show gained a lot of attention for its great cinematography, and the movie is no different. Marshall Adams, who worked on Better Call Saul, is the film’s director of photography. The Breaking Bad spinoff is also written by Vince Gilligan. Adams filled the shoes of Breaking Bad cinematographer Michael Slovis very well in El Camino, creating another aesthetic masterpiece.

The film starts off where “Felina,” the series finale of Breaking Bad, ended- with Jesse speeding away from the lab where he had been held captive until Walter freed him from their former rivals. Soon after, Jesse returns to the home of his former best friends, Skinny Pete and Badger, giving viewers a feeling of nostalgia for the earlier seasons of the show. As he eats and gets cleaned up, the pain that he has endured during captivity is shown through a series of chilling flashbacks that haunt Jesse. Throughout the movie, flashbacks show snippets that fill in gaps of old scenes and go deeper into what happened during Jesse’s time with Todd, showing what ultimately led to him being broken inside. These flashbacks appear intermittently while Jesse attempts to finally make his escape away from the mess that he unintentionally assisted in creating in Albuquerque. Viewers also finally get the answer to the question that has been asked repeatedly- What happened to Jesse? They get to see a happy ending for the character who was screwed over so often by the power-hungry Heisenburg. Jesse finally gets the fresh Alaskan start that he had been waiting for, but not before a flashback of him and Jane and a letter written to Brock, finally leaving Jesse Pinkman behind, welcoming “Mr. Driscoll” to his new life in The Last Frontier.

In conclusion, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie has great acting and wonderful cinematography. Vince Gilligan’s final Breaking Bad tale did not disappoint. Fans finally got the closure that they had been looking for in regards to what happened to Jesse after his escape and the Breaking Bad crew got to work together one last time. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad

Score: 93/100