Humans of GH

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

Jake Berlin, 12th Grade

When I was younger I had a toy snake. It was wooden and it would move around. It would like pinch your fingers and it was green and red. I would play with it all day and even in the car. I would just move it around. One day, I was in my garage and there’s a mudroom which connects the garage and the house. We were chilling in there and I was probably six or seven. My brother’s friends were chilling there too and they were about two years older than me. I see my toy on the ground so I pick it up and I was like, “oh my god I want to show my toy snake to my brother’s friends.” I pick it up and I put it in my face and then it shoots at me! It was a real snake that I was holding! It was a garden snake so it wasn’t going to harm me. But it shoots at my face and I throw it at the ground and start screaming. The mudroom door was open to the outside so the snake got out. I ran inside screaming “SNAKE ALERT” and I was screaming throughout the house so my mom came, freaking out. And there was nothing there so they all thought I was lying.”

“During freshman year, there were these two girls who my best friends had a crush on. The girls lived in big preston and I live in Preston Village. So one time it was about one in the morning and we were like “sweet, we’ll sneak over there” so we start walking. We weren’t doing anything illegal because we were just walking on the sidewalk. A cop car passes by and we’re like “oh okay.” But then he does a U-turn and then two more cop cars come around the corner and they all stop so it’s three cop cars in a line. All the cops come out and call us over. I thought to myself that nothing good could come out of this so I grab my phone and I turn it all the way off. I thought they were going to make me call my mom so I would just say that my phone is dead. I hide my phone in my back pocket. The cops talk to us and asks us for our names and stuff because they said we could be about to rob a store or something. So I gave them my name, and my address, and my parents name and stuff. The cop asked me if I could call my mom but I told them that my phone was dead. Then the cops tell me that they’re just going to drive us to my house because you can’t be out here too late. I said, “Sir is there a curfew?” and they told us that there is no curfew but they still need to drive us home. I wasn’t going to argue because I was scared so I said that they could drive us. There were about five of us and they put us all in the back of cop cars. I pull out my phone without the cop seeing. I held it in the corner and turned on my phone. I texted my sister to tell my mom to just say yes. And that’s all I said because a cop had asked my earlier if my mom knows I’m out this late and I had said “of course officer.” But we had obviously snuck out of the house. So the cop drives us to the house and rings the doorbell. My mom comes out and there are three police officers. The officer said, “Excuse me ma’am, are you aware you’re children were walking?” And my mom said yes. My friends and I walked inside and had an hour long conversation with my mom about not sneaking out. But it’s a funny story because when we were driving in the cop car, I was obviously freaking out and close to tears. I turned to my right and Sam Larkin who was in the seat next to me, looks at me does a little check for a bucket list-going in the back of a cop car.”