Humans of GH

Ella Troiano, Staff Writer

Paco Rodriguez, 11th Grade

“When I was in school in Australia, we were really close to a bridge. It’s called the Iron Cove Bridge and its 40 feet high. The Olympic diving team back in the day would practice diving by jumping off. Some girl died jumping off that bridge. After school we would take rocks and strip down to our undies. We would wear little speedos to school to jump off. We would drop rocks down that weighed roughly what we weighed, a little bit less because that would have been hard to carry. But we would drop these rocks down and as soon as we dropped the rocks, we would jump down too so that the rock would break the water. One time my buddy jumped in and he felt something that felt like sandpaper. So we were all kind of surprised and didn’t know what it was. A day after our teacher told us that he had seen us jumping off the bridge and that we were stupid beacuse that’s where bull shark mated. So we asked him instinctively what does their skin feel like? And he said sandpaper. So my buddy got rubbed against by a bull shark in mating season.”