Freedom Shrine

Earlier last week The National Exchange Club, with the help of the administration and our principal, Dr. Hedrick, put up the Freedom Shrine. Last week the valedictorian plates had been taken down and on Monday we came in to find the Freedom Shrine in their place. 

This Freedom Shrine has a plaque dedicated towards the National Exchange Club, a picture of an eagle with the National Exchange Club logo, and a variety of documents surrounding the two. The  documents that were put up include the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, the Star Spangled Banner, the Bill of Rights, Jefferson’s the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, Washington’s Copy of the Constitution, the First Inaugural Address, the Monroe Doctrine, Robert E Lee’s acceptance speech from when he became the President of Washington college, the 19th Amendment, Andrew Jackson’s speech on the Battle at New Orleans, Benjamin Franklin’s Epitaph, Treaty of Paris (1783), the Northwest Ordinance, the German Instrument of Surrender, General McAuliffe’s Christmas Message, Patrick Henry’s Instructions to George Roger Clark, Eisenhower’s letter accepting to be chosen for Operation “Overlord”, and Theodore Roosevelt’s letter on Cuba. The picture of the eagle has the words: “Assembled by the National Exchange Club to strengthen citizen appreciation of our American heritage.

The Exchange Club can be found at They are a massive service organization that works to encourage patriotism around the nation. They sell a variety of items for your further use such as Patriot Final Season polos and brochures on how to properly treat your flag entitled Our Nation Under God Brochure. They are not affiliated with the school, but have several locations around the area, with the closest one being near Farmington Woods Elementary School in Kildare.

This Freedom Shrine could set a precedent for how outside organizations interact with the school and the changes that could come from these interactions.