Top Shows on Netflix




Ameena Farooqui, Staff Writer

Looking for a show to binge-watch on Netflix? No worries! Below we’ve listed our personal favorites that you’re sure to get hooked on.

1. Haunting of Hill House

The title of this show pretty much explains what this show is about. This suspenseful mystery follows a once close family torn apart by a single event that has forever altered their lives. Now as adults, this family must work together in the face of tragedy and confront the ghosts of their past. They must return to the Hill House…

2. End of the F**king World

This dark comedy follows teenage outsiders James and Alyssa. James, a self-pronounced psychopath, who’s found joy in killing animals, targets Alyssa as his next victim. Alyssa, who is dead set on finding her estranged father, is full of angst. Together, James and Alyssa embark on a road trip of a lifetime and what they find after a series of events is more than what they expected.

3. On My Block

An exciting coming of age show, On My Block follows a small group of friends who love living on the edge. Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar have always had a tight friendship from growing up together in a poor and dangerous neighborhood. A series of events test their friendship throughout their highschool experience. Containing aspects of comedy and drama, you wont regret giving this show a chance!

4. Stranger Things

If you haven’t heard show where have you been? Set in 1980s Indiana, this show follows a hilarious group of teenagers as they accidently uncover supernatural forces. As they search for answers, these teenagers find beyond what is imaginable, unravelling a series of mysteries and secret government exploits.

5. American Horror Story

Where to even start about this show? This show is centered around the Harmons,who move to Los Angeles in an attempt to mend family bonds. But the house they move into is no ordinary house. Haunted by demons, these creatures have stories of their own.

6. Vampire Diaries

Although the title and previous prejudices may turn some away, Vampire Diaries is a show you will be happy to have watched. Become invested in the life of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore brothers through 8 seasons. This show is an emotional rollercoaster that will always be one of our favorites.

7. Queer Eye

Another Netflix Original! Queer Eye is a reality TV show centered around 5 gay men on a journey to help others. Referred to as the Fab Five, they journey throughout America. Sent to women and men nominated by loved ones, the Fab Five help improve their lives while also having important discussions. Comedic and moving, this show is worth a shot!

8. All American

One of my personal favorites, All American follows a highschool football star, Spencer James. After growing up in a low economic area, Spencer is transferred to a highschool in Beverly Hills. Cliche as it sounds, this show is dramatic and emotional, while containing aspects of sports and important political conversations.

9. Parks and Recreation

A beloved classic, Parks and Recreation cannot be watched too many times. Leslie Knope is a dramatic and determined politician, and a quirky main character, set to improve her city. Containing lovable characters and an exciting plot, you will immediately be hooked on this show!