Green Hope Mad Lib


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Anna Dunn and Kaia Patel

My friend, _____(person in room)____  waved at me in the hallway, but I ignored them.  I was on a mission: get to _____(other person in room)___’s  ____(vehicle*)____ and nothing would stop me.  The ___(adjective)______ crowd of highschoolers stood in the way of my route. After pushing through some ____(adjective)____  freshman, I finally got to my destination.  Now the only challenge was getting out of the parking lot.  As we were getting our passes out, we see a ___(adjective)_____ fender bender happening! The dude ___(verb)___  out of his ______(make/model of car)____ car and yelled at the person who hit him.  Not wanting to stay, we ___(verb)____ out of the lot, hungry for ___(food)___


My friends drove ____(adverb)____ to get us to _____(food place)___ with enough time to ____(verb)____.  Once we were in line, we see a police officer! We order our food, and one of my ____(adjective)____ friends gets a water cup. He ___(verb)____ it up with ___(beverage)____. Suddenly, the police officer ___(verb)____ my friend and says, “Hands up where I can see them!” My friend ____(verb)____ his pants out of fright. The officer shakes his handcuffs and then laughs. “I’m just messing with you kid. But next time don’t do that!” My friend ____(adverb)____ giggles and apologizes. We finally got there and ___(adverb)___ ate our ___(food)___.