Little Women Movie Review


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The most recent version of Little Women captures a message of empowerment .

Amelia Mendes and Sophie Hall

Little Women is a charming film based on the timeless 150 year-old story by Louisa May Alcott, which still finds a way to captivate young audiences today. It details the trials and tribulations of the morally driven and tight-knit March family, consisting of a doting mother and her four daughters: Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth. Each of these young women are strong and determined to “make their own way in the world” in pursuit of what makes each of them happy, despite the restrictions placed on them by their society. 

The film has been praised for its authentic adaptation that embodies the original appeal of the novel while simultaneously emphasizing how the story remains relevant today. Saoirse Ronan’s portrayal of the iconic heroine, Josphine “Jo” March, encapsulates the character’s inherent sense of empowerment, passionate personality, and relatable struggles as both a female writer in a man’s world and as a human being who often finds herself torn between her logic and emotions. Timothée Chalamet’s performance as “Laurie” Lawrence, the March’s wealthy, but rather lonely young neighbor is also particularly remarkable. Chalamet wholeheartedly depicts Laurie’s aura of vulnerability, in addition to his naive, yet well intentioned perspective on his world and society. Meryl Streep’s interpretation of the character of Aunt March has also been praised, Streep undoubtedly having been perfectly cast as the girls’ bitter, yet somehow undoubtedly still likeable, Aunt March, who is set in her ways, preoccupied with her family’s social status. The chemistry amongst the four actresses who play the March sisters is heartwarming in its accurate depiction of the unconditional and goofy bond between sisters.

The plot, which alternates between the past and present, often relates to the daily toll of an economic demographic that was rarely represented during the early 1860’s, the nature of these class-based obstacles still being relevant to society today. In addition to this, the characters deal with timeless themes such as love, loss, and sacrifice in a way which inspires viewers to perhaps better themselves on their own life journeys. 

The film is complete with many laughs, as well as a few tears, and is definitely a film worth watching and one which can be expected to be victorious at the Oscars this upcoming season. Frankly, Little Women’s timeless message of empowerment and self-motivation in finding one’s happiness is one that the world needed to be reintroduced to. 5/5 stars