Holiday Gift Guide

Anna Dunn, Emily Mosier, and Kaia Patel

1. Female serial killer coloring book filled with 37 illustrations, this coloring book gives off some killer vibes. Not for the faint of heart, this coloring book is sure to bring out the true artist in you.

2. Fred PASTASAURUS Pasta Server is the only way to serve pasta. Taking out the only surviving dinosaur is a sure way to surprise your guests. Fred the Pastasaurus is an easy pet to take care off, as you only need to feed him pasta every few days.

3. One-Way Ticket to Guantanamo BayDo you have an adventurous buddy thats looking for an exciting trip?  Move over Croatia, Guantanamo Bay is the next big Insta-worthy spot! Meet some terrorists and esteemed members of the US military in interrogations on this unforgettable trip.  Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and get ready for some waterboarding!

4. The Infant Baby Toothbrush for Teething- Green Cactus is the perfect way to train your kids to stick cacti in their mouth. Perfect for teen moms, grandparents, and even your 30 year old teacher.

5. Garden Genie Gloves, not only helps you embrace your inner beast while gardening, but it also saves you manicure money. Make sure to flash those claws at prom.


6. It’s the holiday season, and who says you can’t treat yourself? Indulge yourself in this Butt Mask so your butt can feel as good as your face.

7. Your pet deserves the best, even in death. It’s never too late to be prepared, so give your pet the gift of love after death this holiday season with this Pet Urn.

8. This cozy poncho will keep you and your loved ones warm this holiday season. Cuddle up with the one and only Martha Stewart Jail Poncho Pattern! Put on some Christmas movies and cozy on up with your poncho.

9. The Cosby Show Collector’s Edition on VHS is the perfect gift for your mom or dad. It may not have aged well, but neither have your parents.

10. To be Snoop Dogg, one must cook like Snoop Dogg. Treat your chef-like friends to this appetite-inducing Snoop Dogg Cookbook filled with sophisticated recipes of Snoop’s own creation (like Fried Bologna Sandwiches…with fries).

11. A good long poop is healthy, even therapeutic. The Squatty Potty will enhance any poop experience into something magical. This holiday season, treat your loved ones to the poop they deserve.



12. Mug for your Asbestos Abatement Workers

13. Social Security Numbers off the Dark Web. Mine is 245 – 99 – 2057.