Knives Out Review

'Knives Out' promotional photo


‘Knives Out’ promotional photo

Mason Barish and Maddy Mudd

Mystery movies are a guilty pleasure of many, and have brought great variability to the big screen in between franchises like Marvel or Star Wars. Two years ago, Murder on the Orient Express was released, and had great financial success, grossing 352.8 million dollars combined. This year, Knives Out was released with a stellar casting lineup, including Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

In less than a month, the movie has made over 128 million dollars, and has been nominated for 3 Golden Globe awards. The movie has been a recipient of critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike, with the score on Rotten Tomatoes being Certified Fresh at a 97% at the moment.

Having seen the movie ourselves, we agree that it was a classic murder mystery with a plot filled with twists that no one could anticipate. The acting is compelling and everyone seems to be as deceptive as possible in order to keep the audience guessing. The writers really outdid themselves with this one. It is definitely a must see and something to add to your movie list.

Final Score

Mason: 8.6/10

Madelyn: 7.9/10