Humans of GH

Hannah McCarron, Staff Writer

Ben Penchuk, 11th Grade

“I was in Chicago around the time of Lollapalooza. I was going to a restaurant called Portillos. The restaurant had two stories so I went upstairs to get a table while my parents were ordering food. My brother comes running upstairs saying, “David Dobrik is here!” And I was like “No, he’s not” and I look over the balcony. David Dobrick was standing right next to my mom. Then I see him walk up to the bathroom. He goes into the bathroom and I didn’t want to be weird or anything but I kind of followed him. And I was about to open the door but he opened the door at the same time so we made eye contact as he was leaving the bathroom and I was about to go in. So I said  “uhhhhh can I have a picture with you” and he said “yeah”. Then he left and now I have a picture with David Dobrik.”