How to Spend Time on Final Free Days


Taima Abu El Hawa, Copy Editor

With the stress of finals coming up soon, you may be wondering what to do on the days you don’t have to come in. Whether you are exempt from all of your exams, or if you are finally done with those you had to take, here are some options to fill your time…

  • Watch a movie at the cinema
  • Go to an escape room 
  • Go to a trampoline park
  • Sleep
  • Go to a park
  • Walk out your animals 
  • Treat yourself with a mani-pedi
  • Read: seriously, there’s nothing wrong with sitting on your patio with a nice book in your hand.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor cause flu season is peaking. Don’t believe me, believe the 50,000 flu case in NC. Also, going to your annual checkup is great because you can approach second semester with good health.

Celebrate how far you have gotten in this school year! Take my word for this, time goes by so fast. You should be de-stressing this final week, not thinking about the answers that you missed, going to ratemyteachers and seeing if you got a good second semester teacher, or using rogerhub to calculate your final grade. Instead, think positively and everything will turn out fine. Happy second semester!