BTS New Album Comeback Announced

Maddy Chen, Staff Writing

The comeback is spanning over a month and will include teasers, trailers, concept photos, music videos, and other promotions. The album called Map of the Soul: 7 has already sold 3.42 million stock preorders in the first week. The release will come out February 21 and fans could potentially get a tour this year in April 2020. 


The first teaser trailer, “Interlude: Shadow”, which was a music video featuring “Suga”, one of the seven band members, released January 7, hit 25 million views in 24 hours. This officially kicked off Bangtan’s most anticipated comeback to date. The video contained multiple references to past songs and albums, leaving Army’s (BTS fans) starting their own theories and speculations on what the new album could be about. The next trailer, “Ego” will most likely reveal more connections when it comes February 3. 


BTS previously set the preorder record with their last album, Map of the Soul: Persona, selling 2.685 million pre orders in the first five days. It seems that they have only grown in followers and will most likely hit Billboard 100 in the days following the album release. 


There are many theories going around about the significance of a “7” as an album title. Some fans believe that it represents the 7 members and the 7 years that they’ve been together as a group, as this may be their last one. Jae-Ha Kim, a Korean writer, tweeted, “2020 most likely will be the year that one or more of the members enlist for their mandatory military duty. 7 seems to be BTS’s way of saying that no matter what happens, they are first and foremost a septet.” Others speculate that 7 is for the 7 letters in “BTS Army.” 


Earlier this morning, Bangtan released another teaser for their single, “Black Swan”, with an eerie and soulful music video. In contrast to their last album, “Map of the Soul: Persona”, in which Boy With Luv was colorful, upbeat, and pop-driven, this video was fully focused on contemporary dance. The video didn’t feature any of the 7 members and hints that this era (each year is a new era) will draw in more artistic influences. 


Another big part of BTS’s comeback is “CONNECT: BTS” which is a global project connecting 5 cities and 22 artists, each contributing their own unique philosophy. The project’s goals is to redefine relationships between art and music. Argentinian artist, Tomas Saraceno, is launching a self-powered balloon from the UK all the way to South Korea. He said to BBC, “it’s a way to connect people across countries, across energies, and across generations” 


No matter the meaning behind their album, BTS is predicted to set records globally and Army’s are in major excitement.