National Days of the Week


Sophie Hall, Student Life

Monday, February 3 – National Football Hangover Day

The day after the superbowl can be a hard one. Not only is it a Monday, but it’s a Monday after staying up late crying, celebrating, or ignoring the big game. It’s recovery day and hopefully we can all be inspired by Shakira and J. Lo’s impressive energy to try to get through this Monday. 

Tuesday, February 4 – National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

There are many people in our life that are important, even though we don’t always realize it. What would we do if our succulent didn’t arrive within the promised two day period. Today is a day to thank these people who help deliver our happiness. Thank someone, whether it be the mailman, Amazon delivery guy, or even just you helpful and well trained Golden Retriever. 

Wednesday, February 5 – National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Women’s sports tend to be underappreciated and often upstaged and outpaid by their male counterparts. All of this is due to those who aren’t playing the sport. Show your support this Wednesday for women’s sports by watching them on TV or in person and adding one more viewer to your favorite women’s sports teams.

Thursday, February 6 – National Frozen Yogurt Day

Take this Thursday to celebrate the warmth this week has brought upon us, with a delicious frozen treat. Frozen yogurt is a great way to mix all of your favorite treats in one bowl. Have some brownies, sprinkles, cookie dough, and more. You can never go wrong with some good ole froyo.

Friday, February 7 – Bubble Gum Day

Today is the day to finally bring your own Bubble Gum. Lend some to that one person you are always mooching off of and celebrate this national day as you can finally eat all the bubble gum you want. Happy Friday!