Drive Shack Review

A bird’s eye view of the Drive Shack location in Raleigh, highlighted is the building and the large green that customers swing out onto.

Hill, Clifton. “Drive Shack Opens in Raleigh.” Spectrum Local News, Charter Communications, 23 Aug. 2019,

A bird’s eye view of the Drive Shack location in Raleigh, highlighted is the building and the large green that customers swing out onto.

Mason Barish, Staff Writer

Golfing is a popular and luxurious recreation, and while it often entails hanging out with friends, it is more becoming in a serious environment. Drive Shack can have that same seriousness depending on your level of skill, but in a group, it is more likened to a Dave and Buster’s-esque experience. As a massive 3 story building located in Raleigh, Drive Shack is an impressive sight. However, the back of the establishment is where all the play goes down. Consisting of a massive field to swing out onto, the green is nothing to scoff at. The experience contrasts with what most people think of when the words, “virtual golf”, come to mind. Most of the time, that idea is associated with hitting a ball into a screen or projector and the game takes the analytics of your ball (direction, speed, etc), and translates those to the virtual world. 

With Drive Shack, instead of hitting into a screen to move your ball down the green, you do the opposite. There are sensors that track your hit as you put the ball on a tee and hit the ball as far as you can. After you complete your swing, look up to your right at the TV and it will tell you how it went, or what happens now in the game. This leads to the main appeal of Drive Shack: it can be for regular golfers just wanting to swing, or the aforementioned casual group mentioned earlier, that just want to hang out with friends and play some games. There are a variety of games, be it Blackjack, in which each part of the field is a card and you are trying to get a hand of 21 without going over, or darts, in which the same principle is applied. If you want though, you can just see a virtual version of the green itself and just hit the ball and see your ball’s maximum speed, distance, and height. The establishment also caters to those just wanting to feel as if they’re playing a normal game, with options to play through 18 hole courses.

Those waiting for their turn to swing are in a very comfortable area, with heated couches and a chance to get some quality food, be it wings, sandwiches, or burgers. People who are also in need of a bay to open up can also go to the third floor, where there are some arcade games to play and other such things.

All this must have a cost though. Luckily, Drive Shack will not put you into debt. You can have a memorable outing with friends and play for 2 hours with 5 of your buddies, uninterrupted, for 50 dollars. That is less than 9 dollars per person, and if you want an appetizer, then you may each just pool in 10 dollars a piece for 2 hours of play with pretzels or nachos.

Overall, I’d say that the only real downside of Drive Shack is that it’s too popular at this point. If you want a semi-decent bay, you have to come there near opening time, which is at 9 in the morning. Coming at 12 or 1 almost guarantees a spot on the 1st floor, which isn’t bad, it just doesn’t compare to the bays on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The only place like it is Top Golf, which is located in Charlotte, so Drive Shack is a one of a kind here in Cary, and it wears that badge with pride.

I’d say Drive Shack earns a 5/5 for great fun, service, and cost. It’s an efficient establishment that perfectly houses the casual and serious golfers alike within one big green. The only real downside is how hard it can be to get a solid bay area.