Super Bowl LIV: By the Numbers

Geoffrey Dean, Chief Data Manager

After 50 years of waiting, the Chiefs finally brought the Lombardi Trophy back to the city of Kansas City. Despite trailing by 10 points midway through the fourth quarter, Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to three touchdowns in five minutes to clinch the 31-20 victory. Here are some fascinating statistics from the big game:

2.8- Jimmy Garappolo’s 4th quarter quarterback rating: Through three-quarters of action, Jimmy G was a blistering 17 for 20, with 183 pass yards and one touchdown and one interception. Then the fourth quarter arrived, and the wheels seemed to fall off the wagon. Garoppolo finished with a completion percentage of 27% and a QBR of 2.8, as he saw the game slip away into the hands of Patrick Mahomes.

86- Kansas City’s playoff point differential following their largest deficit: After falling behind 24-0 to Houston, 17-7 against the Titans, and 20-10 in the Super Bowl versus the 49ers, the Chiefs have scored a combined 100 points over the remainder of these three contests, while allowing only 14. In addition, they scored 3 or more touchdowns in a row in each of these comeback efforts.

13.54- Average yards per touch for the 49ers skill players: Despite the average 49er generating over thirteen and a half yards each time they touched the football, they were unable to pull out the victory.

41.5- Rushing plays as a percent of San Francisco’s total offense: A slightly different narrative from the Conference Championship to say the least. After going up by 10 in the third quarter, the 49ers seemed to abandon their key to success and ended up throwing the ball far more than they ran. In games this season, including the Super Bowl, when the 49ers ran the ball less than 45% of the time, they were 2-3, as opposed to 13-1 when they ran the ball on at least 45% of offensive plays.

Now we start counting down for next season, which will resume in 218 days from the date this article was published.
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