Athlete of the Week: Jesse Ssengonzi


Michael Moore, Staff Writer

  • What sport do you play at Green Hope?
    “I am on the Swim Team”
  • How long have you played your sport?
    “I began swimming when I was only 6 years old, for the Raleigh Swim Association
  • How often do you practice or workout?
    “We go 9 times a week for various hours, depending on the day of the week and what time of day. I think it is usually around 24 a week.”
  • In your sport, what are your specialties?
    “I am a sprinter and only a sprinter. The 100 [yard] fly is my best race.”
  • Who has inspired you or who do you model your play after?
    “Glen Gimpl and Paul Silver”
  • What is your dream job when you get older?
    “I am not exactly sure yet, but somewhere in the technology field.”
  • What has been your biggest challenge as an athlete?
    “Balancing athletics, academics, and other extracurriculars.”
  • What is your favorite memory as a Green Hope Athlete?
    “Winning States.”
  • What are your goals for this season?
    “The team is hoping to 3peat this Friday”
  • What are your plans for after high school?
    “I will be attending The University of Chicago”