Sonic Movie Review

The redesigned Sonic in the movie

Credit to Paramount Pictures Corporation

The redesigned Sonic in the movie

Mason Barish, Staff Writer

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is a very odd case in the grand scheme of things that belong in a movie theater. For one, it’s a video game movie, a genre notorious for being corny and played out by many standards (see the Super Mario Bros. movie for an example). I saw the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in an empty theater with a friend, and, honestly, it was probably the only way to go about watching it. I’ll go further in depth on that later. Let’s get into the actual meat of the movie.

There won’t be any spoilers in this review, but I will discuss things that happen while foregoing the plot aspect. In the very beginning of the movie, all the way into the first act, Sonic, who is the main character (though that was evident from the movie’s title alone), is speaking to the audience by breaking the fourth wall. Conveniently though, as soon as something interesting begins to happen in the plot, Sonic forgets this ability until the very end of the movie, for no discernable reason. Eventually, the main characters meet after Dr. Robotnik, the main villain of the Sonic franchise, facilitates conflict. A lot of this movie feels like a fever dream and parts of the plot feel completely useless, because they are padded filler and that is basically their job. There are a lot of tropes in this movie that have absolutely no relevance to the goals of the main characters, such as a bar fight in the middle of nowhere (who knows), to the classic “main characters have a disagreement and want to split up because they are so angry at each other” (this ends after about 10 minutes). Eventually, Sonic defeats Robotnik, and the movie sets itself up for a sequel when Tails, Sonic’s main ally throughout the series, appears on Earth and goes off in search of Sonic. So be on the lookout for that movie coming soon.

Quick note: It should be mentioned that the amount of effort that went into reworking Sonic’s design less than a year before the movie was released is to be appreciated, with the animators clearly working overtime to appease the fans, and the effort is very clearly seen.

If there is something else to appreciate, it’s the lack of interest in this movie. Go see it on a busy day, so you have the chance of an empty theater. Nothing is better than seeing a movie go from subpar when you have to seriously watch it, to a blast when you get to make fun of it for kicks with a friend. That’s why I am giving the Sonic the Hedgehog movie 2 scores, one of serious watching and one for when you get to act like a video joker because you can.

My final rating is:

2 out of 5 when you aren’t in an empty theater.

3 out of 5 when you have a friend to enjoy the movie and laugh at it with.