Shea’s March Playlist

Tame Impala's album


Tame Impala's album "Currents"

Shea McIntyre, Staff Writer

*Disclaimer: I tended to stay away from incorporating popular/mainstream songs because sometimes branching out to new music is fun!*

1. Let It Happen- Tame Impala:  Every time I listen to this song, I feel like I’m in a space shuttle about to start levitating up into the sky and  my pulse beating just as fast as the song. This is an adrenaline rusher song that also happens to be freakishly long, save that to Tame Impala! 

2. Mona Lisa- Valntn, Peter Fenn & Tray Haggarty: The ideal song every girl would want to be serenaded with, this ballad is so catchy & harmonious. Plus the guitar chords are rather simple if you’re not too musically challenged & want to try your own rendition!

3. Praise You- Fatboy Slim: I suggest this tune for bumping in the car as well as running. The song’s acceleration in beat/rhythm will automatically make you feel like you’re on your runner’s high, too good of a feeling to miss. 

4. Easy- Gringo Star: I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this song. It reminds me of spontaneity, passion, and of course aptly titled, the beauty in simplicity or something being “easy”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is featured in many coming-of-age motion picture soundtracks, as it has that effect & is most likely why it’s so attractive to me, a teenager. 

5. Wish- Diplo ft. Trippie Redd: Live out all your Tik Tok fantasies with this Diplo x Trippie Redd collaboration. If you just missed Trippie Redd @ The Ritz in Raleigh on February 25th, having this on your playlist is sure to make up for it. 😉

6. Sunday Morning- Matoma ft. Josie Dunne: This song was heavily debated about in my mind in regards to whether or not it matched the vibe of the other songs. After much thought, I enjoy the electric-dance sound you’d almost hear at a zumba class. The lyrics are too good & wholesome to resist. I mean, who doesn’t agree with the lyric, “I wanna feel strong when I feel like falling” ?!? I rest my case. Happy listening!

7. Blue World- Mac Miller: We’ll never have enough Mac Miller tunes to go around. A song he had sculpted & unfortunately never published while alive, Mac Miller’s “Blue World” is one of my favorite songs to listen to during my morning commute. 

8. Rich Girls- The Virgins: A song I stole from the teen-flic, Seventeen Again (because I love Zac Efron & Matthew Perry). This song is such a fun, highschool-embracive song that’s still loved even after being released in 2008.

9. Grape Soda- Rook1e: Another Tik-Tok infused song. I haven’t been able to get this melody out of my head, lol. Enjoy the beginning narration with the calmest beat drop. Although it lacks lyrics & includes the sound of a drink pouring at times, I still play it on repeat.   

10. Water Glass- Cannon: Not too popular of a song, I highly recommend you give this tune a listen, as it’s completely independently produced & totally deserving of the hype.