Morgan Vulpis’ Committment


Caity Dawes, Sports Editor

Morgan Vulpis, the star senior of the Women’s basketball team, announced her commitment to play basketball at North Greenville University. Vulpis played varsity basketball all four years of her career and is sure to have success at the next level.

What made you choose North Greenville?

I chose North Greenville because I felt that it fit me best as a person and a player. The coach heavily recruited me and constantly showed his interest and made sure I knew he wanted me. I think there is a really good opportunity to do something special.

How was the recruitment process? 

As a whole, the recruitment process was good. When I was coming to the point when I was ready to commit I had a good amount of options and I knew regardless where I chose I would be happy.

What was the hardest part of the recruitment process?

The hardest part I would say was just making that final decision on where I wanted to play.

What do you plan to major in?

Right now I am kind of split, but I’m either thinking psychology or physical therapy.

What will you miss most about high school ball?

My teammates. The bond I’ve built with this team and my other three teams throughout high school have been special. I’ve built friendships that I know will last a long time and that means a lot to me.