Bernie Sanders Editorial

Bernie Sanders

Vidar Nordli-Mathisen from Unsplash

Bernie Sanders

Maddy Mudd, Staff Writer

The Democratic nominees are fighting it out for the presidential vote and the race is starting to narrow from the original number of twenty eight. Our current runners, with the recent drop out of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar are Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders. One of these candidates sticks out, even to those less involved in politics, simply because of the amount of news and support following him, and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

With the President’s impeachment scandal and radical foreign and immigration policies, many middle class Americans are fed up and ready for change. This isn’t the first time people have desired a radical change in leadership. For much of our history our president’s views will reflect the changing views of the people, but also after one radically far-right president we will often search for a more radical leftist president. This can be seen with the rise of popularity of Reagan during his time after a strong Democratic president or even with the radical transition toward Trump’s views after the centrist Democrat views from Obama. Now it’s time to pursue real change and Bernie is the perfect candidate to deliver it.

Bernie has made his voice heard. He isn’t afraid to punch back or make his ideas known, which is one of the reasons he is such a strong candidate. He speaks for the oppressed and working class citizens of America who are struggling to make it by every day. He represents the younger voters that are striving and struggling for change in their country. You can clearly tell Bernie’s target voters and they are groups usually overlooked and disregarded by the establishment. He has refused the support of super PACs and billionaires in order to raise record breaking amounts of money with an average donation of $18 per person.

He supports Medicare for All, free college education, the Green New Deal, and the expansion of social safety net programs. He is fighting for more rights for people of color & queer people and more equity in an America where the wage gap feels like a chasm, uncrossable and unattainable for anyone not born into wealth. America was built on capitalism and yet also the idea of equal opportunity, the idea that if anyone works hard enough they can make a name for themselves, but in today’s society the 1% gain more and more money, and job security for the working class has become a thing our parents barely remember. Making a livable wage is hardly obtainable with the amount of debt people accumulate in order to survive in a society where everyone needs a college degree but college education isn’t affordable.

Bernie Sanders is our opportunity to create the change that we have all been desiring and the only way he is going to gain office is with our support. If you are sixteen register to vote. If you are eighteen, vote! Even if you can’t vote yet you show your support in money donations of $2 or spreading the word among your friends. You are one person, but one person can have an overwhelming influence in this world both as teen but also in your every action. So I plead with you to support Sanders as he fights for us, for our rights, and the rights of our friends and families, the everyday American citizen. As Sanders says; “Not Me, Us.”