State of Production, GH Theater, and Hollywood Tea

Ameena Farooqui

COVID-19 for obvious reasons has had an impact on the productions of movies and shows globally this 2020. Worldwide production has been put on a halt with many movies/shows being postponed or cancelled. The film industry in all areas, has taken one of the biggest hits in years due to conditions not being ideal for production and many theatres have been shut down indefinitely. Box office has dropped beyond billions of dollars, as many blockbusters have been postponed in all categories of pre-production, production, and post-production. Many people have turned to streaming giants this year to supply them with new shows and movies as theaters are not a luxury anymore.

Reopening Hollywood

Early in May of this year, as restrictions began to lift across the country, the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) released a series of guidelines and workplace practices for production. In response to these new regulations, many major production companies such as Walt Disney, Netflix and CBS created their own protocol for cast and crew to follow in order to maintain safe conditions. These guidelines included regular testing, the use of face coverings, avoiding live audiences, closed sets, limited shooting hours, and special zones for cast/crew who can’t wear masks full time. Along with these guidelines, an on-set health safety supervisor would be required to oversee and execute the requirements to make sure they were being followed. This new change showed immense effects as it altered the entertainment industry in ways never seen before. 

California is the hub for the creation of Hollywood Moviesas well as popular TV shows. Gavin Newsom, California’s governor, announced that production on movies in the state could only resume after June 12, 2020. For this to happen production companies first have to acquire approval from county public health officers who would have to, according to DWT Reopening Hollywood Group, “evaluate cases per 100,000 population, rate of positive tests, local preparedness for a healthcare surge, contact tracing, and testing before approving.”  

As both cast and crew on these projects wait eagerly to go back to filming and acting, many production companies are hopeful that in the near future Hollywood will be back up and running smoothly soon.

Green Hope Theatre Production

On a smaller scale at our school, we may not have a movie/show production, but we do have our theatre production to consider. Green Hope is known for putting on two shows a year, sharing captivating and brilliant plays and showcasing our drama students talents. Unfortunately, the state of production is all up in the air and is dependent on the end of the pandemic. A hopeful senior of Green Hope Highschool Theatre, AnnaGrace Mccall, shares her thoughts,

“It’s a horrible feeling, cause it’s more than just a show. It’s a collaborative effort between artists from many different departments that come together to make something bigger than themselves- which is the beauty of an interdisciplinary art form like theater.””

— AnnaGrace McCall

Although Green Hope may not be putting on a production any time soon, to make the best of the situation, online showcases are being held. For anyone missing performing, this is the perfect opportunity to show off their talent. Students can either do a monologue, scene, spoken-word song etc. in 5 minute slots across the various dates provided. 

As we all search for a new normal there, fortunately, are alternatives for everything. You may not be seeing any Hollywood blockbusters anytime soon, but now is the perfect time for you to go back and watch all your favorites. And as for our theatre hopefuls out there, be sure to check out the Green Hope showcase to get your creative juices flowing. For now, we can do our part in social distancing and remaining hopeful during a pandemic. Surely with time, production no matter what the scale, whether that be big movie sets or an auditorium stage will resume.