Struggles with Counselors- Admin VS. Students

During this time of challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a clash of students versus staff regarding the lack of communication that has brought up frustration over the struggle of receiving a response from counselors and administrators. In answer from Admin about delayed responses, Dr. Camille Hedrick said, “It’s the beginning of school in the middle of a global pandemic. We’ve had to adjust our master schedule to respond to a significant number of families making requests related to safety, schedules, technology, and other concerns. This level of paradigm shift doesn’t happen on a dime.” Dr. Hedrick speaks for the rest of the staff team through this message to students concerned or worried about not being noticed. 

“It’s the beginning of school in the middle of a global pandemic… This level of paradigm shift doesn’t happen on a dime.””

— Camille Hedrick

Situations like this have led many students to ask whether their efforts of reaching out to staff are even worth it. One highschooler stated,  “When I emailed my counselor about switching classes it felt like she hadn’t read my email at all. She didn’t answer my question and told me to ask my teacher about it. I then asked my teacher and she told me to talk to my counselor.” Another student said, “Before schedules came out I was told to ask my counselor for help changing classes. She sent me a form without explanation and I filled it out. When classes did end up coming out, my schedule wasn’t changed and I asked again for new classes. I filled out another form and didn’t receive a response until after the deadline for switching classes was over. They told me that they would not change my schedule and eventually stopped responding to my emails.” These seemed to be common issues expressed within the student body. 


The difficulty in contacting staff and receiving beneficial and helpful answers have caused discouragement and disappointment in many students as well as parents. Looking at communication between administration and students during this time, there is no denying that there are students falling through the cracks.  Students want to make sure their efforts are worthwhile. However, although it may be difficult to see the other’s perspective, we as a community must recognize the frustration not only from students but also from faculty and staff. If you are waiting for a response from a teacher, counselor, or administrator remember to remain patient, this is a difficult time for everyone at Green Hope High School.

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Struggles with Counselors- Admin VS. Students